Born in Turin in 2002 and growing up in the area of Lake Maggiore, I have always been surrounded by beautiful places that provided everything I’ve needed: lakes, fields, forests, and mountains.

I dedicate the same amount of time that I spend breathing to photographing that which surrounds me and, if I don’t have a camera (a rare occurrence), I resort to using my eyes and imagination. My biggest dream is that of travelling the world with a camera to document the experience, and a van to sleep in. However, while I’m still at the beginning, I am open to any kind of photography experience.  

I love running, riding bicycles, skiing, and eating hamburgers – usually I cook them too! I’m more the type for still water rather than wine, or a Coca-Cola instead of a G&T. I believe solitude is underrated, and I often find myself looking for it. I have two beautiful dachshunds, I enjoy many films, and my favourite song is Take Me Home, Country Roads.

When I don’t travel for prolonged periods of time, I feel guilty about not taking advantage of life.

Oh, one last thing. I’m madly in love with California, and the West Coast in general.
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